Victorville Free Computer DiagnosticComputer users visit A Plus Computers when a trusted computer begins to show signs of malfunction. A free computer diagnostic is the best approach for determining the cause of a noticeable performance issue. Users will describe the problem in terms that include:

  • Slow start-up process
  • Errors when certain programs are utilized
  • Sluggish response when opening and closing the browser and other programs
  • Inability to shut-down completely

Technicians at A Plus Computers follow a proven series of steps that will reveal all of the issues on the computer. Computer diagnostics require systematic processes that will show conflicts between the installed programs and clutter on the hard drive. Customers are encouraged to call from anywhere in the High Desert, to determine how much time will be required to address the issue. Most days, the computer can be evaluated within a couple of hours. Our goal is to answer questions and provide recommendations, so the customer can return to work. We understand that customers rely on their computers for many important tasks in business and personal situations. Rapid response is our trademark. During the free computer diagnostic, the technician will perform the following functions:

  • Protect the user’s data
  • Clean the fans and interior of the case
  • Ensure the cards are seated firmly in the boards
  • Evaluate the plugs for loose connections
  • Boot the computer and time each process from “power on” through the Windows launch
  • Hard drive evaluation is important for defragmentation and extraneous file removal
  • Virus and malware checks are conducted – along with updates to all protection software
  • Diagnostic software is used to discover program conflicts and poor performance

The computer owner is notified of the existing issues before steps are taken to conduct repairs. Technicians strive to find the cause of each problem prior to providing a solution. Multiple solutions to the computer issues may be offered to the user. Estimates are included to allow the customer to make informed decisions. The free computer diagnostic is an important service that removes doubt from the customers mind.