Victorville iPhone and iPod Touch RepairIt is no secret that Victorville residents love their iPhone and iTouch devices for email, web surfing, apps, games, streaming video, and more. But, who do they turn to when they need repair? A Plus Computers, of course! The iPhone and the iTouch are two of the most popular devices on the market. These user friendly “mini-computers” are wonderful for using as a GPS device, for mobile internet streaming, and as a gaming device. They can also be used for paying bills, home automation applications, video conferencing, social media, and more. No wonder these two devices are incredibly popular! Unfortunately, they are also very susceptible to physical damage under the right conditions. We understand that being without your iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and/or iTouch can be difficult. A Plus Computers offers Apple Valley residents the best in California smartphone repair and service. Our goal is to provide the best possible iPhone and iTouch repair in the timeliest fashion available. In some cases, A Plus Computers is even able to provide same day service. (Please check with our staff to verify whether your phone repair qualifies for this type of expedited service.) Our experienced team is able to help repair:

  • Cover Glass
  • LCD Replacement
  • Headphone Jack Replacement
  • Water Damage
  • Home Button Repair
  • Battery problems and replacement
  • Accessory replacement
  • And More

If you are unsure of the type of damage your device has suffered, we also offer diagnostic services. Our team will help you determine what is wrong with your device and take the best course of action to repair it. Feel free to Contact Us for more information on our iPhone and iTouch services. We proudly serve the High Desert area.