Victorville Computer RepairYou know something is wrong with your computer, but you simply can’t pinpoint what exactly it is. Your system just seems to move so slowly, as you type on the keyboard, but it takes forever for the words to appear on the page. It also shuts off unexpectedly only to reload back to the black safety screen asking whether you want to restore your OS system to a previous session or just load it normally. OS Corruption, Motherboard Or Graphics Card Issues Such problems consisting of slow page loads, numerous reboots or the computer simply not turning on could be the result of OS corruption, motherboard damage or graphics card issues. After using the computer for long periods of time, capacitors can become loose and solder joint connections become damaged due to high internal temperatures. Some of the problems you may experience could be one of the following:

  • Does your computer screen lock up?
  • Does the computer need to be rebooted due to constant screen lock-ups?
  • Does it reboot itself constantly?
  • Does your computer shut off and refuse to turn on for a period of time?
  • Do you get a blue screen where nothing works unless you shut the computer off?

A Plus Computers Can Fix Your Computer Issues Don’t toss out your old computer or scrape some money together for a new system. Let A Plus Computers in Apple Valley give you the computer service you need so you can get your system working efficiently again. Serving residents and business owners in the Victorville¬†area, A Plus Computers will repair your computer so it will work like the first day you bought it. The experts at A Plus Computers will check out your OS, motherboard and graphics card, analyzing the problems and coming up with solutions that will fix your computer while being affordable. OS Reinstalls For OS Reinstalls,¬† we will do a complete Windows reload of your system with all the data you previously had on it. By initiating a clean OS install, we can also eliminate any viruses or malware that may have been accidentally downloaded or installed. All your drivers will be loaded, and Windows updates performed so your system will be completely up-to-date and ready for use. Lastly, we will make backups and recovery of your data, so nothing is lost again if your computer acts up in the future. We also won’t leave you with a dirty computer as we suck up all the dust hiding among the keys and remove the debris that could end up damaging your computer again. The sooner you bring your computer in for service the quicker we can address the problems and stop further damage from happening. If you live in the High Desert area, stop in at A Plus Computers in Apple Valley. We can give you high quality computer repair service that won’t break your budget.